Fall Into a Good Book!

The ECDC Library operates on both a fixed and a flexible schedule. Students will travel to the library once a week with their class to check out books as a group and receive a library skills, reading content, or technology lesson.  

ECDC Library Hours and Schedule:

Monday  Open circulation 8:05-11:15 . Closed 11:30-1:00. Open Circulation 1:00-2:45       

Tuesday  PK4 8:30-9:15. Open circulation 9:30-11:15. Closed 11:30-1:00. 2nd grade class 1:00-1:45 3rd grade class 2:00-2:45.

Wednesday Kinder 8:05-8:50; PK3 8:55-9:40 Closed 11:30-1:00. 1st grade class 1:15-2:00. Open circulation 2:00-2:45.

Thursday 4th grade 8:05-8:50; 5th grade 8:55-9:40;  6th grade 9:45-10:30. Closed 11:30-1:00. Open circulation 1:00-2:45.

Friday 8:05-11:30 Open circulation. Closed 11:30-1:00. Open circulation 1:00-2:45.

Students, accompanied by a parent, may check out books before and after school beginning at 3:15 p.m.-4:00 except Wednesdays.

Students have time during their forty-five minute library class time to: 
  • read quietly in cozy places in our beautiful library.
  • create original student designed products that represents an understanding of books read for Bluebonnet Book Club.
  • direct their own learning through modules for learning computer coding. 
  • utilize materials in the ECDC Makerspace to explore art, design, computer coding and code breaking, construction, puppet making, book and book mark making, sewing, crafting, and so much more.


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Additional Resources


Renaissance Place: Accelerated Reader & STAR Reading. Access your record and practice vocabulary from home. Take AR quizzes only at school. Follow this link.


AR Renaissance Home Connect  improves the school-to-home connection by allowing parents and students to log in to a website and view the student’s reading practice and progress towards goals. If you have questions please call your student's school. 

TexQuest eBooks: Select the eBook K-8th Collection.